Preparation: Festive wilted winter green salad


Ok, so I’m going to be straight up with you about this salad. It is full of BIG flavours. If you don’t like blue cheese and you are averse to salty things, then this is absolutely not for you. If however, these things appeal to you – this salad will rock your world. It is a beautiful looking salad, and the colours are totally festive, plus it’s super delicious! I think this salad would go perfectly with a roast chicken, steak, or lamb (which is what we had it with). It’s a great Christmas salad because most of the components can be prepared ahead of time and then you can quickly assemble and dress it when you are ready to eat. Boom!

Festive wilted winter green salad (adapted from Sarah Raven’s recipe in the book Food for Friends and Family)

You will need:

– 250g red cabbage

– 250g savoy cabbage

– 1 tbsp olive oil

– 200g prosciutto, baked until crisp

-100g blue cheese

– seeds of 1 pomegranate (gah – I know this is a pain. Sorry! And don’t forget – pomegranate juice STAINS)

– 100g rocket


– 3 tsp wholegrain mustard

– 3 tbsp lemon juice

– 6 tbsp olive oil

– salt and pepper

DSC_04171. Tear apart the cabbages. Cut into strips of 6cm – 8cm. Place in a pan with a little olive oil and wilt for a few minutes so that the leaves are warm but still crunchy. Remove from the heat.


2. Place the wilted leaves in a large bowl. Crumble the prosciutto over the leaves, as well as the pomegranate seeds and the blue cheese.

3. Whisk all the dressing ingredients in a separate bowl. Just before serving, add the rocket, the dress and toss the whole salad.