About Delicious and Michelle


Hello. I am Michelle and Delicious and Michelle is a blog about my attempts at deliciousness and craftiness.

I had the above one liner as my “about” page for a good 6 months, and then I realised that it was woefully inadequate. I don’t want to harp on here too much about myself, but telling you that I am attempting deliciousness and craftiness is well – stating the obvious. So here is some slightly more (hopefully!) useful and interesting information.

I was born in South Africa and lived in Johannesburg until I was 14. Then after my first year of high school my parents and I moved to New Zealand. Right on cue, 14 years later in 2012 I got itchy feet, decided it was time for a change and I packed my bags and moved to London.Β Three years later (and not on cue), we left London and moved to Dublin.

So why Delicious and Michelle? Until recently I worked full time in the corporate world. Delicious and Michelle gave me an outlet, and the motivation, to do the foody and crafty things that I enjoy. I will be starting a fine arts degree in September 2015 to hopefully give me a foundation to pursue a slightly more creative career path. In the meantime though I love the freedom that this blog gives me to make and bake and moan and celebrate.

Formal stuff…

All of the photographs and content seen here are my own (unless otherwise noted), so if you’d like to use or feature any part of my blog (which would be wonderful) please just provide full and clear credit to Delicious and Michelle and specific direction to the original content. Thanks.