Preparation: 5 homemade gifts: 1 bunting pendant

There is nothing worse than getting a bad handmade Christmas gift. On the flipside there is nothing better than getting something that is handmade that you absolutely love. I’m hoping (like really, really hoping) that the ideas in this post fall into the latter category. I’ve put together 5 easy and relatively inexpensive gifts for you to make for friends and family this Christmas. You will need to buy a few supplies, but I have listed where these can be bought – so hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem. I am going to post how-tos for these over the next couple of days (because one big post is just annoying…)

PS – I’m quite excited about these – so let me know what you think….

1. Embroidered pendant – approximate cost – £4 -£5

You will need:

– material (scraps that you have at home are perfect. Otherwise look for cheap fat quarters of quilting fabric)

– embroidery thread and needle

– pendant setting (I got mine here)


1. I decided to embroider bunting onto my material. I would suggest choosing a relatively simple pattern, unless you are confident with embroidery. I would also recommend sticking to a colour palette of two or three colours. This is because the design is going to be quite small, so you want it to be striking and clear.

2. Use the pendant setting as a template so you know how big your design should be.

3. Once you have finished embroidering your design, cut around the design, but leave yourself approximately an extra quarter of a centimeter of material – you will tuck this extra material behind to give a nice, clean finish.

4. Fold the material over the curved piece of the pendant setting. Flip it over, pull the pieces of material which overlap taught, and tape with masking tap.

5. Put the flat backing against the taped section of the pendant and press the pendant into the claw frame setting. Push the claws as hard against the pendant as possible. You may need to use a hammer to do this. Done!