Getting Back: Corn bread with grilled peaches and maple cream

I always say this, but this time I mean it. I am back. With a vengeance. And the only way to properly get back into cooking is to make a stonking great brunch.… Continue reading

Nelson&Scampi – Planters for the discerning succulent owner

I’ve been getting back into the making mood and it feels good! So we have a garden, but it’s not our garden and I am absolutely loathed to spend a fortune on soil… Continue reading

Devil on my shoulder throw pillow

I had a lot of time to think while I was sewing this little project and I got to wondering why I hadn’t sewn much before. After much consideration I decided that I… Continue reading

Mmmmmm: Cinnamon buns

Weekends should only ever begin with warm cinnamon buns, strong black coffee and a newspaper. That is all you need. Ever. However, no one wants to get up at crack of dawn to bake. Let… Continue reading

Getting back my mojo: Boho sleeping bag

We are basically living like students at the moment. Our bedroom furniture consists of a mattress on the floor, one bedside lamp and a laundry basket. Why? Well we are hoping to buy… Continue reading

Success, enthusiasm and green

Churchill said something about success being the enthusiasm you maintain for something despite all the failures you have in between. In which case I’m a pretty enthusiastic baker this week. I wanted to… Continue reading

On moving to Ireland…

I know it has definitely been too long when I go from a Moonrise Kingdom post to a “hello we are in Ireland” post. But here we are here, in Balbriggan, County Dublin,… Continue reading

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom Lunch: Part 1

  The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch has happened. And if I don’t say so myself – it was epic. The idea for this lunch started mainly when I was bored at work… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things: Vegetables that taste like cake – courgette deliciousness

I got a couple of courgettes in our vegetable box this week and well I’m not a big fan of courgettes in savoury dishes. The only solution was to stick these courgette in… Continue reading

Interviews: Cheryl’s pork and cabbage dumplings

So Cheryl specified “wonton noodle soup” for her meal. This recipe doesn’t have noodles in it, and I don’t know if my dumplings are wonton dumplings…? I think I used wonton wrappers –… Continue reading

Interviews: Cheryl (and pork and cabbage dumplings in soup to follow in next post)

This long overdue interview was with my friend Cheryl. I think she’s hilarious and dumplings are pretty high on my most favourite food list – so this was a fun interview. I should also… Continue reading

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: DIY photo booth backdrop sneak peek

Moonrise Kingdom lunch clearly needs a homemade photo booth no? I wanted to keep it simple – mainly because I hate painting on fabric and I wanted to use a quote from Moonrise… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things: Homemade preserve labels

Oh I know – a few of my favourite thing – preserve labels??? WTF? But I really love preserves. And a preserve with a pretty label… well I just can’t turn it down.… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things: Bagels and homegrown tomatoes

The tomato plants in my mini garden are dripping with ripe tomatoes. At this stage in the season, when I haven’t yet had my full of the beautiful taste of homegrown tomatoes, I… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things: Paris

A couple of weeks ago we went to Paris for the weekend. The last time I was in Paris was about 6 years ago and while the trip was ok, I wasn’t in… Continue reading

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: Homemade hamburger buns

I have been trialling ideas for the Moonrise Kingdom lunch menu. Pulled pork is a staple in our house. You know it’s Friday here because the slow cooker is on and the house… Continue reading

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: Cool and cheap table setting ideas

I have been messing around with a few cheap ideas for table settings for Moonrise Kingdom lunch. I don’t want to spend a fortune on the table settings and I want to use… Continue reading

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: DIY girl guide cookies

The scouting theme is pretty important in Moonrise Kingdom and I want to incorporate a lot of this into my epic lunch. So aside from having homemade S’mores (which I am massively excited… Continue reading

Pineapple: Mmmmmmeringues

This was meant to be a post about how to make a pineapple clutch. But arrrggghhhhh – after two days of stitching, unpicking stitches, quilting, screaming, pleading with my sewing machine…. I gave… Continue reading

Pineapple: Easy Pineapple Picture Cluster

I love pineapples. I love picture clusters. So like all good things – bringing them together of course creates double awesome. The joy about using pineapples in a design is that it’s such… Continue reading