Taking Flight Craft: Personalised Vintage Plates

Confession time. I have a little crockery fetish. Actually a massive crockery fetish. Crockery sends my heart a flutter.  And this is not good when there is so much beautiful crockery out there.… Continue reading

Nostalgia: The Interviews and Pumpkin Fritters

I love food. I have always loved food. I love cooking, but what I particularly enjoy is sitting down to a meal with friends or family, talking, telling stories and sharing a few… Continue reading

Taking flight – a meal to celebrate new beginnings and a heavenly Lamington recipe

David and I recently installed the birdcage light I had made and were exceedingly proud of ourselves for being so handy. I appreciate that for most non-useless people out there attaching two wires to a ceiling… Continue reading

Taking Flight – Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog and to my very first post. This blog is something that I have been mulling over and sporadically working on for the last six months. The blog finally took shape a… Continue reading