Preparation: New houses, bare walls

One of my really good friends may possibly be building a house. I have seen the plans. The place looks amazing. It’s spacious and beautifully laid out, and the whole house centers around… Continue reading

Preparation: Sunday Blues Popcorn Cookies

I get bad Sunday blues. You know the kind of blues you get because the weekend is over? Because it’s nearly Monday. Because you have to get up early the next morning… First… Continue reading

Preparation: Pacman Advent Calendar

I have prepared a little video for you. I am sooooo excited about this! (Note there is music – so if you are watching this on your work computer and you’re not meant… Continue reading

Taking Flight Revisited: Birdcage Lamp How To

I featured my birdcage lamp in one of my first blogs and one of my friends paid me a massive compliment by asking me to give instructions for how to recreate it. Embarrassingly… Continue reading

Preparation: A Treasury

This week is all about preparation… Trust me – it will be awesome. To get you excited, I present a little cooking inspired preparation treasury. 1. Colander  2. Baking tins  3. Blue bowl … Continue reading

Hunkering Down: Botched Jam Apple Pie

We live very close to the Grand Union Canal which runs through London. Towards the end of summer there were blackberry bushes next to the canal that were heaving with berries. I couldn’t… Continue reading

Hunkering Down: 1 wreath, 2 (non festive) ideas

So cold weather and the consequent hunkering down, to me, screams Christmas. It is perhaps important to point out here that I am a Christmas fanatic. But, I live with a Scrooge. It… Continue reading

Hunkering Down: A Treasury

I said bbbbrrrrr, it’s cold in here… For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is officially cold. For those of you in the southern hemisphere enjoying warm spring days, bbqs, drinks… Continue reading

Doughnuts: Delicious Cushions

Ok so I have always had this thing for furniture that looks like food (after the Kabbage Kreme post I’m sure you all already think I’m nuts – so I thought I would… Continue reading

Doughnuts: Kabbage Kreme

The title of this post should be “Doughnuts: Disasters”. So I got a new camera, a shiny, beautiful new camera. I also got a Dummies Guide to the camera. I read the bits… Continue reading

Doughnuts: A Treasury

I have been craving doughnuts – Homer Simpson style pink doughnuts with colourful sprinkles. Om. Nom. Nom. So the theme for this week – doughnuts. To kick things off and whet your appetite… Continue reading

The Departed: Day of the Dead Scarf

Day of the Dead themed craft and design has been pretty big for a while. And I’m not objecting because I think the images and colours are just fantastic. A lot of the… Continue reading

The Departed: Pumpkin

I heart pumpkins. I especially heart carved pumpkins. Just Google image carved pumpkins and you will come up with pages and pages of incredible ideas. Whilst I would love to have tried some… Continue reading

The Departed: Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cookies

I am a little bit excited about this … This post was so much fun to create and I think the results are really striking. Ok, so first things first: 1) I stole… Continue reading

The Departed: A treasury

My theme for this week is “The Departed“. I plan to split my posts this week between Halloween and Day of the Dead crafts/foods. In the meantime I thought I would create my… Continue reading

Nostalgia: Stamped table runner

Earlier this week I mentioned that I had a nostalgia themed dinner party (here). As part of the decoration I stamped a table runner with home made stamps. I thought the end result… Continue reading

Nostalgia: Strawberry coconut popsicles

When I was small – like 3 or 4 – my mother used to take me for swimming lessons. I wasn’t overly keen on these lessons. I think this is because my only… Continue reading

David: Nostalgia interview and David’s Nan’s shepherd’s pie (with a twist)

Dinners at home – Dinners were very simple when I was growing up. Dad was never home from work and Mum was often working shifts. So dinner would usually just be bog standard.… Continue reading

Random Craft: Welcome to London Stamped Tote Bag

I have a friend and her daughter visiting from New Zealand and I thought it would be nice to give them a little something to welcome them to London. I remembered that when… Continue reading

Nostalgia – a meal inspired by childhood

I decided to do a series of posts where I interview people about their childhood food memories. This got me thinking about my own memories and favourite foods from when I was kid. Suddenly… Continue reading