Pineapple: Pina Colada Cupcakes

Pineapples are completely delicious. The only form of pineapple I can’t stand is a pineapple in the form of a pina colada drink. The drink holds so much promise of deliciousness – coconut,… Continue reading

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: Invitations

I am hosting a Moonrise Kingdom lunch. It is going to be epic. Here are the invitations (note there is sound and the song is “Magic” by the Teacups): #moonrisekingdom #delishandmichMKlunch

The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch – beginnings

This is a blog about a dinner party I had (spread throughout this post are photos of said dinner party). But before I tell you about the dinner party, I need to tell… Continue reading

Lost time: Baby whale mobile

I’m enjoying a bit of sewing at the moment. This bit of sewing was done for my niece. Because every little girl needs her room to be raining whales… I have to stress… Continue reading

Lost time: Yeti sweatshirt

I was in H&M the other day and saw this plain grey, 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt on sale for €4. And I thought to myself that sweatshirt could do with a yeti. Now since… Continue reading

Lost time: Easy (and cheap) wall hangings

  My computer died. So for the last few weeks I have been trying to salvage my photos, and get it going again. And hallelujah – I am back (with a new hard drive… Continue reading

Country House: Drool worthy brown butter choc chip cookies

We went country again on the bank holiday weekend and it was awesome. And we stayed in a proper country cottage, made of stone, with low ceilings made of proper wooden beams and… Continue reading

Country House: 3 ingredient sublime scones

So on the weekend we took the little chubby pug, and we went to the country. It was super, and we are back again in two weeks. I cannot wait. It is of… Continue reading

Nick: Nick’s mother’s ham and pea mac ‘n’ cheese

OK so this isn’t actually Nick’s mother’s recipe (it’s an adapted mac ‘n’ cheese recipe from the Pitt Cue Co Cookbook – and it’s most delicious). Also there isn’t any ham in the… Continue reading

Nick: Interview (and Nick’s mother’s macaroni cheese in the next post)

Nick is the one in the middle. I took this photo on our trip to Chicago at Christmas. A little bit about Nick – he is Chicago born and bred. Nick still lives… Continue reading

Light/Dark: DIY stamped coat rack

So we needed a coat rack. And we have this really dingy, crappy entrance way and there is no room to put an actual coat rack stand. Basically we needed something that we… Continue reading

Light/Dark: 3 step easy DIY painted egg cups

I should never be allowed to go Robert Dyas without a minder. Never. The problem with stores like Robert Dyas (a general purpose hardware/homeware store for the uninitiated) is that I intend to… Continue reading

Light/Dark: Beauty

A little bit of Light/Dark beautifulness… (I don’t like the way Pinterest boads embed into posts, so I have copied and pasted images below, hover your mouse over the image to see where… Continue reading

Light/Dark: Las Vegas Substitute

I’ve been lusting after a set of Las Vegas style lights. If I could afford it (because dear lord those lights are expensive) our house would basically be alight 24/7. Fortunately for the… Continue reading

Light/ Dark: Bad Karma Biscuits

So the theme this week: Light/dark. We’ll kick off with dark…. I didn’t want this blog to be a whinge fest and I wanted it to be about things I like and enjoy…… Continue reading

Green: Birdcage succulents

I made this quick craft over the weekend and thought I would squeeze in one last “green” post. So I have been lusting after this: (image found on pinterest – via But… Continue reading

Green: Green (Asparagus) Soup

To round off the green theme I needed to include some green food. Nothing says spring more than asparagus. And it’s green. So it’s perfect. I have not always liked asparagus though. My… Continue reading

Green: Newbie blogging awesomeness

So like EEK! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster! Boom pow. Liebster is a little award that us mini blog writers (less than 500 followers) can award each other. Basically we choose 10… Continue reading

Green : Inspiration Treasury

As I have been going on about recently – I am really into gardening at the moment. This year I have even branched out from just planting vegetables and herbs to also planting ornamentals.… Continue reading

Green: Green(ish) plant markers

I’m into gardening in a big way – and by a big way I mean I like totally love looking at gardens on Pinterest, reading all about how to vegetable garden and planning… Continue reading