Getting back my mojo: Boho sleeping bag


We are basically living like students at the moment. Our bedroom furniture consists of a mattress on the floor, one bedside lamp and a laundry basket. Why? Well we are hoping to buy a house before the end of the year and I just can’t be bothered unpacking everything and decorating only to pack it all up in a couple of months time (hopefully). And I think this laziness is killing my creativity. Actually I know it is. I feel like there is no point making anything until I know what our new house is going to look like. All I have really been doing that has touched on anything remotely creative is to make enough Pinterest boards to put the whole of Martha Stewart’s social media team to shame. So I decided to do an online sewing course with A Beautiful Mess, which has been really good. And I feel like I have got my creativity mojo back a bit.

One of the projects I did was a sleeping bag – not because I ever go camping, glamping, yurting, teepee staying or anything of the sort. Nope. But because I like to be cosy in front of the TV. A place where, I am not ashamed to say, I spend quite a bit of time.

DSC_1981This is not a so much a tutorial as a few ideas for anyone wanting to make their own sleeping bag. If you want to learn how to sew your own I would highly recommend the sewing course I did, or I know there are a number of free tutorials online (Crazy little projects has one – for this note that if you want to make an adult bag – use 4 yards of fabric).

To put my own spin on the sleeping bag, I decided to boho it up a it. I dip dyed the canvas fabric I used for the outside of the sleeping bag. I added a contrasting patterned fabric for the inside. Then for some decoration I hand sewed some fringing to the front – because fringing is hot. I used some of the leftover contrasting fabric I used on the inside and bought a metre of suede fringing online.

DSC_1974A few tips:

– You need quite a lot of fabric for this project. Fabric is generally quite expensive. However, IKEA has some great canvas fabric for a really reasonable price. If you can only get a boring colour like white – then dye it.

– Use a thick, strong fabric for the outside of the bag, I opted for canvas. These sleeping bags aren’t meant to be used for the proper outdoors- like forest floor outdoors – don’t be ridiculous! But if you are worried about dirt etc, you can always spray the fabric with those waterproofing sprays.

– Sewing a zip is not actually that hard. Truly. I’m a convert to this zip sewing shenanigans.

– When you cut the polyester filling for your sleeping bag, cut it slightly smaller than your fabric – because when it comes to sew the edges, sewing through 4 layers of fabric and two of filling is just not doable with a normal sewing machine.