The most epic Moonrise Kingdom Lunch: Part 1




The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch has happened. And if I don’t say so myself – it was epic. The idea for this lunch started mainly when I was bored at work scrolling through reams of beautiful pinterest boards and looking at blogs with amazing dinner party ideas. I wanted to do something fun and a little whacky, but it needed a theme. So when you are a fan of bunting, scout memorabilia, enamelware, wild flowers and Wes Anderson… well the answer is simple – it had to be a Moonrise Kingdom inspired lunch.

DSC_1727For the last two months I have been working on ideas for the food, the costumes and the decorations. I am really pleased with how everything came together. But the best part of the night though was undoubtedly the band – The Thumping Tommies.

Frustratingly, with the busyness and fun of the evening I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked. And I was also planning a video (I think I will still do one with stills though) – which just didn’t happen (this is not due to the fact that after a few too many glasses of wine I couldn’t figure out how the video function on my camera worked – not at all). But below are some photos of the evening. Most of the crafts that I have photoed, I have also posted tutorials on. However – if there is something you like and can’t find a post about it – let me know and I will get something up!


All the flowers were growing wild next to the canal and I picked them on the morning of the lunch. The flags/pennants I have been collecting for some time and have found them by scouring eBay. The lanterns are cheap knockoffs that I bought for $1 from the Eastern Market when I was on holiday in Washington in December.



I made my racoon favour/ table decoration thingies by painting birch rounds – see my post about this here. I also quickly painted the birch cutlery on the morning of the lunch (can I just say- I wouldn’t recommend birch cutlery though- it overwhelms the flavour of any food).



The bunting, which is the feature photo of this blog post, I made using super cheap fabric which I just roughly cut into triangles and sewed onto strips of fabric. It was time consuming, but considerably cheaper than buying the same quantity.


And then of course, there was the food….


To nibble on, whilst we waited for everyone to arrive, there was DIY trail mix. I just set up a bench with mugs filled with various nuts and nibbles and put out bags for guests to fill as they wanted. The sign I made with wood that I found lying on the side of the road. I painted it black and then used my paint roller over the top to create a wood effect. See this post for ideas.


There were also first aid badge biscuits to nibble on. These were a basic cheese shortbread which had a red cross dusted on with paprika (I don’t have a tutorial for this – but let me know if you want one!)


The entree was a New Penzance lighthouse which was a tower of roasted beetroot and fresh mozzarella with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar (it really should have been a balsamic reduction – but you live and learn…). Honestly – not one of my more successful dishes (it tasted better in separate components the previous day! Hence no tutorial for this) – but at least it fitted in with the theme!




DSC_1772The main was our favourite – pulled pork sandwiches. And they really went down a treat. I had to get up at crack of dawn to make enough rolls for the day. Well worth it though. If you want to know how to make the rolls – see my post here. But before launching into the eating of the rolls – guests obviously needed directions – because a scout is always prepared no?





DSC_1767And then to quench thirst during the meal (aside from the copious amounts of alcohol – or was that just me?) lemonade of course…

DSC_1746Well dessert was delicious. But at this point in the meal I had completely forgotten about photos. So this will just have to wait for another post. Which makes me angry at myself – but at least there can be a reprise of The Most Epic Moonrise Kingdom Lunch posts.

Dessert was followed by coffee and boy scout/girl guide biscuits – see my guide for how to make your own cookie stamps here:

DSC_1702And then finally homemade S’mores – which of course I didn’t get a photo of. And again I’m so annoyed – because I made the marshmallow and everything! But at least I have a photo of the graham crackers…

DSC_1683The band The Thumping Tommies then arrived… and they were just wow…





DSC_1808And after the band was finished their main sets they had a few impromptu sessions, one of which my Irish neighbour joined in playing the spoons! A great night… actually I’m prepared to go so far as to say epic.