The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: DIY photo booth backdrop sneak peek

DSC_1702Moonrise Kingdom lunch clearly needs a homemade photo booth no? I wanted to keep it simple – mainly because I hate painting on fabric and I wanted to use a quote from Moonrise Kingdom. I thought about painting a whole sea backdrop – but I didn’t want the photo booth to look too much like the background from a bad primary school play.

So here’s what you will need and how I did it (and it’s so simple I kind of feel silly giving instructions!):

– old sheet

– for the wood grain background pattern I actually have one of those patterned rollers which you can get on Etsy. If you don’t have one of these you could paint the design, or you could make your own large stamp out of lino, OR buy a piece of cheap fabric with a pattern that you like

– paint – I used white and black. Go for cheap paint if this is just going to be a one off – I had some test pots which I used

– paintbrush

1. Lay out your sheet in a place where children and pets are not going to trample over it. You might want to lay some newspaper underneath to protect your floor.

2. Paint your background. Remember when choosing a colour for the background to choose something that will contrast with your text – so I went for a light background with dark text. Leave to dry.

DSC_16993. Draw your quote onto the fabric in pencil first. I did this free hand. I then went over the pencil in black paint.

That’s it! I haven’t hung my backdrop up yet, but this is just a sneak peak…