The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: Cool and cheap table setting ideas

DSC_1668I have been messing around with a few cheap ideas for table settings for Moonrise Kingdom lunch. I don’t want to spend a fortune on the table settings and I want to use things that we already have around the house/ I can easily get from a park. I quite liked this idea which uses the racoon design from the patches on the scout uniforms:


Moonrise-Kingdom(image courtesy of this cool site)

I liked the racoon image because I could use a limited colour palette and it was something that was really easy to paint en masse.

All you need are birch rounds which you can buy super cheaply online – or just cut rounds from a tree branch. I bought my birch rounds on Ebay from a sustainable source (they only use branches that have naturally broken off trees in a FSC forest). I used white and black acrylic paint to paint on the designs. I painted the outline of the racoon head in white, waited for it to dry and then filled in the details with black paint once dry.


The flowers were growing wild next to the canal and I really love the way they look. Plus they don’t cost a thing!