The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch: DIY girl guide cookies


The scouting theme is pretty important in Moonrise Kingdom and I want to incorporate a lot of this into my epic lunch. So aside from having homemade S’mores (which I am massively excited about and will come to soon), I wanted to make my own Girl Guide biscuits. But I didn’t want the biscuits to actually taste like Girl Guide biscuits – because (and I know this is possibly a stupid thing to put down on paper….) I really don’t care for those biscuits… And I didn’t actually want the Girl Guide emblem on them either. I of course needed my own special Moonrise Kingdom lunch emblem on the biscuits! So I made my own cookie stamps (I know I have waaaaay too much time on my hands).


DSC_1517Using the emblem from my animation (see here) I made my roast chicken emblem cookie stamp. I got the idea for how to make cookie stamps from this blog. This blog post is also really good because it explains the issues with using sculpey and polymer clays etc on food and provides an alternative way of making the stamps using salt dough. I am not that fussed about these issues so I just used the sculpey I already had.

Here’s how I did it:


1. Warm up the clay and roll it out with a rolling pin or bottle.

2. Using a cookie cutter or similar cut out the clay to the size you want.


3. Carve out the bits you want to be raised on your cookie. Remember to keep it simple because it’s quite hard to crave intricate details and they are likely to get a bit lost on when you stamp the design.

4. I also made a handle out of sculpey. I baked the stamp and them handle separately and then glued the handle on, once baked, with superglue.


When stamping cookies you need to use a cookie dough that doesn’t use any leaveners (baking soda, baking powder, eggs…). So I opted for a shortbread recipe which worked quite well. And I thought little, delicious, buttery shortbread cookies would go really well with a coffee after lunch.

Remember to dust your cookie stamp with icing sugar between each stamp – otherwise you get bits of dough stuck on the stamp and the details don’t come out anymore.