Pineapple: Easy Pineapple Picture Cluster


I love pineapples. I love picture clusters. So like all good things – bringing them together of course creates double awesome. The joy about using pineapples in a design is that it’s such a simple motif, so that means its really easy to recreate. Inspired by the Hot for Houses pineapple tote I decided to make a simple pineapple stamp. Think of a pineapple design as an oval with a diamond crosshatch design with a bunch of spiky leaves on top…. and it’s suddenly ridiculously easy to copy.

You will need:

– half a potato, or some spare lino

– a knife or lino cutter

– frames – I just used some really cheap old A5 frames I had lying around

– paper cut to fit into your frames – I used old card and newspaper

– paint – I used in acrylic in white and yellow

– black ball point pen

– other objects you can paint on – birch rounds, old brooches, pieces of wood, plates, tiles…. Just make sure you have paint that will adhere to the surface you are painting on. You will usually need some kind of porcelain paint for tiles or paints.

So first I made my stamp. As I still have a bunch of lino lying around I made my stamp out of that. But a potato stamp as shown in the Hot for Houses blog above, works beautifully for this project. And it’s cheap. And it’s a lot easier to cut into than lino.

Now you can use this stamp on different paper, using different colours. I drew the leaves in with a black ink pen.




Then to mix it up a little bit I drew and painted the pineapple design onto a few random things I had lying around the house – a piece of material that I then framed with an embroidery hoop, the old backing of a brooch and two round pieces of wood.