The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch – beginnings

DSC_1208This is a blog about a dinner party I had (spread throughout this post are photos of said dinner party). But before I tell you about the dinner party, I need to tell you about an article I read. In the Sunday Times Magazine there was an article entitled something like “Which summer cliche are you?”. I lap up stuff like this – trying to feel superior because I don’t fit into any of boxes/ fitting into a box which I think is awesome. I only needed to scan down the page to the second cliche to find this:

My cliche: Home entertaining

The cliché Ageing Very early thirties hipsters with kids dog in the suburbs. Never get out any more, so devote months to planning dinner/garden parties instead.
The kit She spends days painting jam-jar lanterns in individual pastel colours; he invests in an outdoor log-burner for instant atmos. Both She strings up brightly coloured paper pompoms from and tea-light chandeliers in the (one) tree. which are homemade.
The reality “Wild” (read: cost a fortune from the local boutique florist) single-stem flowers arranged in vintage glass bottles atop trestle tables. Three hours spent constructing a chill-out area at the bottom of the garden using mismatched cushions, vintage lace and rugs, which the dog will wee on later.
The food Home-made Ottolenghi salad with 37 ingredients that tastes a bit woody, plus Aldi wagyu beef burgers cooked on the home smoker.

My first thought: YOU ARE TELLING ME THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY ALSO GO TO ALL THIS EFFORT (actually more – because we didn’t have any chill out area – but note to self – what a great idea..)! Dear lord – imagine if we all instead dedicated our time to doing something actually useful…

DSC_1217Second thought: THIS IS MY CLICHE??!!! Noooooo! I mean even though I realise hating my chosen career and using blogging as a creative outlet is about as cliched as you can get…. I still thought that maybe the things that I chose to craft about were a bit unique. The answer: NO.

DSC_1231Cue crisis about my quarter life crisis. Cue thoughts like – what is this all for??! What am I doing with my life?

And then I thought sod it. If I am going to be a cliche, I am going to be one of epic proportions. And so was born “The most epic Moonrise Kingdom lunch”. No disclaimers here about how this may not be the most epic lunch. Uh uh. This WILL be the most epic lunch. So over the next few months I will be painting jam jars, making so much bunting it will put the Queen’s tea party organisers to shame and generally being the best damn cliche I can be. So watch this space.