Lost time: Yeti sweatshirt

DSC_1494I was in H&M the other day and saw this plain grey, 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt on sale for €4. And I thought to myself that sweatshirt could do with a yeti. Now since I am sightly obsessed with cameo brooches, my thoughts naturally turned to a yeti inspired painted and embroidered cameo style motif. And since a yeti would naturally be flannel colour, his title is but of course – “flannel mammal”. As if you had to ask….


Are you still reading….?

It’s not that weird – really. And it’s not hard either – especially for a ham handed embroiderer like myself. The joy of this sweatshirt is that whilst it takes a little time and effort to put together – it’s cheap and most importantly can be worked on in front of the TV. So as I am currently obsessed with Parks and Recreation – anything that can be done whilst watching this show is basically a winner in my books. And I’m pretty sure Lesley Knope would be super impressed by both the motif and industriousness.

Here is what you will need:


– a sweatshirt/ t-shirt

– fabric paint in black and white

– embroidery cotton

– a very small piece of patterned fabric (I used plaid)

– fabric glue

Here is how you do it:

1. Decide where you want your design to positioned. I highly recommend putting the sweatshirt on and making a mark in front of the mirror to show where you want the middle of the pattern to be.


2. Using something round as a stencil – like a roll of tape, draw a circle in the position you have marked on your sweatshirt. Then in freehand draw the outside of your cameo frame in pencil.


3. Using your circle stencil, draw a circle onto an old bit of card. Cut the circle out of the card – as shown in the photo below and then position this new stencil exactly in line with the one you have drawn onto your sweatshirt. Tape in place.

4. Paint the inside of the circle white. Leave the paint to dry and then paint trees in black.

5. Paint the frame of your cameo in black and leave to dry. Remove stencil.

DSC_12216. Draw a small rectangle under the frame and paint this black.

7. Using your embroidery thread, embroider round the edge of the frame and any other areas you want outline. Because I am useless I used stem stitch, but then also mucked it up a few times to create some new kind of stitch. Since I am the worst person to be giving instructions in this area – check out this tutorial from Sublime Stitching for how to stem stitch.

8. Once you are done with your embroidery, draw your yeti onto your chosen fabric. carefully cut it out. Using a small amount of fabric glue, glue your yeti in place.

DSC_11939. Now embroider around the edges of your yeti, adding details like eyes, mouth and belly.

10. If you want, you can embroider the name of your yeti in the black rectangle underneath. I would recommend first writing the name in pencil, so that you can work out what size font you should have and to also make sure the letters are evenly placed.