Lost time: Baby whale mobile

DSC_0434I’m enjoying a bit of sewing at the moment. This bit of sewing was done for my niece. Because every little girl needs her room to be raining whales…

I have to stress the following: I am terrible at sewing. Horrible! So if I did this – you can do it. Easy.

You will need:

– felt – I used about 1 square per whale

– embroidery cotton

– some kind of stuffing – I used an old jumper which I cut up

– dowel sticks, or the plywood cloud you can see in the photo. I bought mine on Etsy and it came with the raindrops. If you are using the cloud, you will need to drill a couple holes into the cloud to attach the whales to.

How to do it:

1. Fold your felt square in half. With the folded side at the bottom, draw your whale onto the felt (see photo below)


2. Cut around the wale – but do not cut along the folded edge. You should end up with this:

DSC_04253. Draw a face onto your wale. I also drew a stomach and included in the stomach such usual whale food as apples and squid.

4. Embroider the face and the stomach. I used stem stitch – find a tutorial here for how to do it.

5. Blanket stitch most of the outside of the whale (for a blanket stitch tutorial see here). Stuff the whale. Finish sewing around the rest of the outside.


6. Attach a piece of string to the top of the whale. Tie this string to either the cloud or your dowel sticks. If using dowel sticks, you may need to tweak the length of the string to get the mobile balanced – this will just be a bit of trial and error.