Light/Dark: DIY stamped coat rack


So we needed a coat rack. And we have this really dingy, crappy entrance way and there is no room to put an actual coat rack stand. Basically we needed something that we could mount on the wall. BUT on this wall is also the mains power box. Now I confess to not know anything about electricity, but I’m guessing there are a shit load of wires in the wall running up to the mains power box. And I am not drilling anything into that wall. So this all leads into my very productive trip last week to Robert Dyas… Whilst going to buy lightbulbs (and actually coming away with egg cups and various garden stuff) I may have also come away with some coat hooks and LIQUID NAILS (and the wrong lightbulbs….) Now I also had this piece of plywood lying around that I intended to make a shelf out of, but then realised that putting up shelves required drilling and levels and general handyman skills… and so my laziness kicked in and the piece of plywood languished in the corner. And then I decided to stamp it, screw some coat hooks into it, liquid nails it to the wall and use it as a coat rack. Boom. Done.

DSC_1220What you will need:

– Paint – I had some leftover paint which I used- I don’t’ think it matters what kind of paint you use – basically if the paint isn’t going to get wet and the coat rack isn’t going to be hung outside I wouldn’t really be too bothered about the kind of paint you are using. The white paint I used was just ordinary acrylic poster paint.

– an old piece of wood – however long or wide you want. Just make sure it is dry.

– coat hooks – I got mine from Robert Dyas and they cost about £4 for two I think

– a stamp – I cut mine from lino I had lying around and mounted it on a piece of plastic. But really this would be ideal for a potato stamp. Just make sure that once you have cut the potato you leave it on paper towels to dry out for a couple of hours.

– black ballpoint pen

How to:

1. Cut your stamp to the size you want

DSC_11782. I found it was easier to paint the stamp to get good coverage of paint before stamping the wood.

DSC_11803. Stamp the entire board with black triangles

DSC_11864. Stamp the some of the open triangles with white paint

DSC_11875. Using the ball point pen fill in some of the triangles with patterns.

DSC_11896. Mark where you want the screws to make sure they are in a straight line, then screw them into the wood.

DSC_11967. Now you might not want to attach your coat rack to the wall with liquid nails like me…. But now is the time to attach it to the wall however you want.