Light/Dark: 3 step easy DIY painted egg cups


I should never be allowed to go Robert Dyas without a minder. Never. The problem with stores like Robert Dyas (a general purpose hardware/homeware store for the uninitiated) is that I intend to go in and spend a couple of pounds on for example lightbulbs. And I come out having spent £50 on a new garden rake and some hooks and a new baking pan and [insert any random homeware/hardware thing here]. The problem though – is that it is all justifiable…for example – “No David we didn’t HAVE to get a rake, but how much nicer will the garden look with all the dead leaves raked up…. You know what I mean?” He knows what I mean. Or at least is sensible enough to pretend he does.

So yesterday I did actually need to buy lightbulbs. You know when you reach the stage where there are only two lightbulbs in your house that work, and you come to the realisation that lighting your house with the glow of the TV is just not going to cut it (even if the TV show giving off that glorious flicker happens to be Dinnerdate – even then it’s still time to replace those lightbulbs). So I went to Robert Dyas, and amongst the multitude of other very useful things I came home with were some plain white egg cups. And the conversation went something like this: “At 50p each they were practically asking to be bought. And we didn’t have egg cups, and everyone NEEDS egg cups. And no, David it’s not OK to just boil eggs and smoosh them on your toast – what about soldiers? You can’t have soldiers without egg cups.” Duh.

DSC_1185But no one really wants plain white, ugly egg cups. So this is where you need this 3 step easy DIY painted egg cup tutorial. Boom. You will need:

– eggs cups (now the colour is up to you – just bear in mind that it you are going to use a colour other than black to paint your egg cups, the paint might not show as well…)

– porcelain markers (I already had a bunch of these from a previous post – see here. So I wasn’t totally destroying the environment this week…. I bought my markers from Hobbycraft and they were not more than a few pounds)

DSC_1203How to:

1. I first did a couple of doodles to see what patterns I liked. The fact that these paints are in marker form makes them a load easier to use than if you were painting. Still, it is hard to get really fine lines, so I would recommend (unless you are a pro with a really steady hand) choosing simple and clear patterns.

DSC_11752. Now you could use carbon paper as I did in this post to transfer a copy of the image onto your egg cups to trace over. But that would make this a 4 step DIY. Because my patterns were so simple I skipped this step and drew straight onto the egg cups.

DSC_1190You can see from the photo that the lines are not precise and bit wiggley. I love that – so don’t be worried if your turns out the same.

3. I coloured in some spots with a yellow porcelain marker. The instructions say to leave the paint to dry for 72 hours before putting your items in the dishwasher.


That’s it – 3 steps, done. And pretty cool if I don’t say so myself- wouldn’t this make a nice housewarming gift?

Oh yes… I forgot to mention… I bought the wrong lightbulbs. Guess I’ll be back in Robert Dyas next week. Damn.