Light/Dark: Las Vegas Substitute

DSC_1154I’ve been lusting after a set of Las Vegas style lights. If I could afford it (because dear lord those lights are expensive) our house would basically be alight 24/7. Fortunately for the neighbours the hefty price tag means that will never be the case. The next best thing though – FAIRY LIGHTS. And LED ones too – so slightly better environmentally speaking. I feel like fairy lights are the lighting equivalent of bacon. Bacon makes everything taste better and so makes the world happier place. Fairy lights make everything look better and so also make the world a happier place. Now bacon wrapped in fairy lights – that’s heaven right there.

So I made a little lighting sign for Nelson (although let’s be honest – this dog doesn’t need direction and will sleep anywhere and sniff out food a mile away…)from three things I already had lying around at home.

What you will need:

Empty picture frame (I got mine at one of the second-hand shops in Notting Hill for £1)


Fairy lights

How to:

1. I bent the wire to form the words first. It’s easiest to use a cursive style font as the letters join together. I didn’t use one long piece of wire, I found it easier to join a few letters together. My writing was very rough – see photos below:


DSC_11692. Wrap the wire around the frame to hold it in place. The frame I used helpfully already had some little metal pieces on the back which I wrapped the wire around to attach the letters to the sides. I also wrapped a wire to the top of the frame and ran it down attaching to each word and then attached it to the bottom of the frame. This helps to keep the words flatter and in line with the frame.

3. Wrap the fairy lights around the frame, Or you could trace the wire with the fairy lights, so that the letters are lit up ( I didn’t have a long enough string of fairy lights). That’s all! DSC_1164