Green: Birdcage succulents


I made this quick craft over the weekend and thought I would squeeze in one last “green” post.

So I have been lusting after this:

succulents-in-repurposed-bird-cage(image found on pinterest – via

But exercising the amazing self-restraint which comes from partly being a tight arse and partly trying really hard to stop buying crap – I decided not to buy a birdcage to make this craft. And frankly I have been collecting so much stuff recently that I am always positive I will use for the blog, I decided it’s time to actually get around to using that stuff. So in October last year, for my first blog post I did a “Taking Flight” theme. I bought a whole load of mini birdcages off Ebay which I suspended from my birdcage lamp – which was very cool, but a little impractical for day-to-day living. So the point I am trying to get to is – I had a whole load of these mini birdcages sitting around collecting dust…

DSC_1101I thought these would make an awesome planter for my succulents. I initially planned to make a mobile (I freaking love mobiles) and suspend the birdcages from some bamboo sticks (see photo below). Buuuuuuut… the succulents were a little too big to be able to close the tops of all the cages and hanging the cages with the lids open looked kinda funny. So I flagged that idea – but I still reckon that it’s a completely awesome idea and if you have bigger cages or smaller succulents you should totally do it.

DSC_1115Right so how to do it?

You will need:

– mini birdcages – I got mine on Ebay and I’m pretty sure they were meant to be used as wedding favours. ACTUALLY how fantastic would the birdcage succulent be as a wedding favour? OMG someone get me featured on please!

– hessian – I had some left over hessian liners for hanging baskets which I just cut to size

– succulents/ cactuses

– special succulent & cactus soil (it’s very fine and drains easily)

1. So I sanded the paint off parts of my birdcages and sprayed with salt/water/vinegar/bleach solution (I just made a tiny bit) to promote rusting. If you are going to do this please be really careful and do it outside away from children and pets, and wear protective clothing and don’t spray yourself in the eyes etc etc… Plus this step is completely optional.

2. Cut hessian to line the inside of your birdcage (this is to stop the soil falling out)

DSC_11053. Add some soil to the bottom of the birdcage and then carefully transfer your succulent. You may need to add more soil to fill up the sides and top. Gently pack in the soil.

DSC_11104. That’s it. THAT IS ALL! And how cool do they look?

So to make up for the fact that I am not skilled enough to make one of those awesome tables where the succulents are in a planter box that is actually built into the table (man they are cool) – I have settled for this:

And I reckon it’s pretty cool…

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