Green: Newbie blogging awesomeness


So like EEK! I’ve been nominated for a Liebster! Boom pow. Liebster is a little award that us mini blog writers (less than 500 followers) can award each other. Basically we choose 10 other blogs we admire and nominate them for the award. The idea is to help us small timers get a bit more exposure in what is a very saturated blogaverse (not as in averse to blogging…. but universe of a blogs – yes you are right I should not make up words). There are no prizes – this is all about spreading the love!

I have very very kindly been nominated by TWO people. I know, I’m totally flattered. The first is kraft&mint– a totally beautiful blog with loads of amazing and quick crafts. The second is Food and Everything Else – a wonderful blog with loads of delicious recipes. I would highly recommend checking out both of them.

Right so as part of this nomination, I need to answer a couple of questions asked by my nominators, and then I need to nominate other blogs I admire for the award. So here goes….

1) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

My day job doesn’t allow me any scope to be creative, which I find really frustrating! I like cooking and making things, but I never actually get around to doing these things on a regular basis unless I have some sort of reason to. Blogging gives the structure and the motivation to do these things – so that is what I enjoy most about it. Oh – and comments and likes and visits!

2) What is your favorite food to cook and why?

Bread. I love baking bread. It’s a bit time consuming and sometimes a bit messy – but you cannot beat the smell of freshly baked bread. And guests are always super impressed.

3) What is your favorite subject to blog about?

This is a tough one. I guess I really like it when I come up with a simple and effective craft recycling materials that I have at home.

4) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish that you cook?

OK so I’m like a South African, who spent half her life in New Zealand who is now living in the UK. Until last year the closest I came to Thanksgiving was watching ‘Home for the Holidays’ about twenty times. BUT then last year two very good AMERICAN friends came to visit us – and I naturally made a big deal about asking them questions like “Are the school buses REALLY yellow?”, “What is a corn dog?” and “Does sweet potato pie ACTUALLY have marshmallows on/in it?” – the last question lead to thanksgiving discussions. So before our friends left they made us a Thanksgiving dinner in London in the middle of May. It was amazing. And the best thing…. the stuffing.

5) Tell us about your favorite place to shop and why?

Oh wow – this is like horribly hard. Ok so coming close second would be any good garden shop, IKEA, Anthropologie or Amazon. But since I have gone like all earth mother, let’s recycle and be green and stuff – it’s gotta be Ebay. You can find ANYTHING on Ebay.

6) What do you like to do for fun?

Well most of the stuff I do on the blog really… I know I’m super lame. And travel – I really like traveling.

7) Are you obsessed with your blog? I’m asking because I feel obsessed and totally invested I want to know how other bloggers feel about their blogs.

Hhhhhmmmmm….. I’m not sure I’m obsessed. I really enjoy it and I probably check out my stats page like way too often. Plus I do get a little thrill every time I get a new follower. But sometimes I do find it hard, after a long week of work, to get the motivation to write a post. I love it when I get going, but sometimes an episode of Gilmore Girls (for the 5th time – hey I never claimed to be cool) or Game of Thrones or True Detective is just beckoning me. This is something I want to work on. I want to try and blog more often and visit other blogs more often.

8) What is your favorite gift to receive and why?

Despite trying very hard not to be a MASSIVE consumer – there is always something I am coveting. Because of this my family will tell you that I really good about creating lists of gifts I want in advance of Christmas and my birthday. It’s a little bit like a wedding registry in that I provide gifts in a range of prices with links to where they can be bought. This way I am assured of getting exactly what I want. This does however take the surprise out of these occasions somewhat. So surprise gifts are always very cool (however dear family in the event of uncertainty please stick to the lists…)

9) What is your favorite gift to give and why?

Something that a person actually likes! I learned this lesson by giving homemeade gifts. I love the idea the idea of giving a homemade gift – however, not everyone likes to receive a homemade gift! So I’ve come to realise that in the long run it’s far more satisfying giving someone something they actually really want and like, than giving something you think is freakin awesome.

Righy-ho – so my nominees are as follows:

My Picnic Project
– This is the blog of my massively talented friend Heather. She is coffee connoisseur, an excellent cook, and sews like a whiz. She has however NOT posted since last year (yes Heather – get back on it) – but there is plenty of fab stuff in her archives for you to check out. I especially loved the post of amazing meals you can make in your hotel room and avoid overpriced and crappy room service.

Two Feet, One World – Awesome travel (and a bit foodie) blog following Jessi’s travels around the world. (I’m not sure how many followers Jessi has – Jessi if it’s more than 500 keep that to yourself 😉 )

Frances et Moi – a crafting foodie blog with the most beautiful photos. Seriously check it out. I couldn’t find the link, but I think there is a possibility Frances has already been nominated…

Smallest Forest – Fantastic blog with some really cool crafts. I suspect Nat has over 500 followers (judging by the fact that some posts have over 100 comments – this is probably likely), so again I’m really sorry if I have totally insulted you by suggesting you have fewer than 500 followers!

Rambling Litchi – If you are ever considering visiting Jo’burg or Cape Town check out this blog from Leigh, who some awesmoe ideas for places to go.

Finally – That Vintage Thrill– A blog by my friend Steph which is a beautiful and wonderful place to find inspiration for vintage inspired most things. Again the last post was last year – but don’t let this put you off – there are loads of amazing posts in the archives.

OK so to all the above bloggers – feel free to answer the questions I have answered above (substitute Xmas for Thanksgiving if not American) – or just flag that and if you have time spread the love to some newbie other bloggers out there.