Green : Inspiration Treasury

As I have been going on about recently – I am really into gardening at the moment. This year I have even branched out from just planting vegetables and herbs to also planting ornamentals. I feel like I am really growing up. I always saw ornamentals as the domain of old people. I just could not understand my mother’s obsession with hanging baskets. Why would you invest so much time and energy into something you can’t eat? But I have come around and I hate to admit it… I too now have the odd hanging basket. (Whilst on the topic of hanging baskets – I have to pause here and say that there are a lot of things my mother did that I used to think were just kind of what mothers did – and I vowed I would never ever ever contemplate doing. Top of the list – macrame. Oh god- we teased my mother mercilessly about her macrame hanging baskets. Frankly I have realised the woman was ahead of her time. I am planning to macrame the bejesus out of my garden this easter. For an excellent how to tutorial see this awesome post from an even awesomer blog: Hot for Houses- easy macarame plant holder.

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But if you aren’t into macrame and you don’t like hanging baskets, here are a couple of other ideas:

Note these images come from my Pinterest Board “Green”. I didn’t want to embed the board as I don’t like the way it looks on the page. The images on Pinterest that did have links can be found on my images below, just hover your mouse over the image and the reference should appear. Otherwise you may just find it easier to hop on Pinterest… I’ll be adding to the Pinterest board as I go… Enjoy.