Green: Nelson and new leaves

DSC_1012So there are two reasons for why my blogging has been interrupted. Reason 1: The arrival of this little tube of fluff. This is Nelson the pug (actually Nelson Samwise Strauss-Cooke to be exact). He is 12 weeks old. And basically all the important stuff that you should know about him is that he really likes cheese, bananas and liver treats (and BBQ Doritos… but let’s pretend like we don’t eat such naughty things, nor feed them to our dog).

So having a puppy is like totes tiring! Who would have thought?! When Nelson isn’t eating, pooing, weeing, or napping (and surprisingly little napping from this guy) he is experiencing what I have recently discovered is called “the zoomies” – this involves running around manically in circles – a lot. And since zoomies often involves some serious toe biting, David and I just cower on the couch away from the range of the pyscho pug (note – we are going to obedience classes – but I fear that convincing him that my toes are not as delicious as they appear is going to be difficult. I do after all have some very chubby, delicious looking toes).

The second reason is somewhat different from pug puppies! The second reason involves turning over a leaf with my blogging. I wanted to make sure that any posts going forwards were a little more focused towards sustainability. And by sustainability I mean trying to make sure the food I use is sourced ethically and that the farming methods employed do not damage the environment. Similarly I want to try to make sure that the materials I use in my crafts are produced in a way that minimises the impact on the environment and that the manufacturers involved in producing these products do things like pay a living wage.  Why this change? Well I have always been concerned about how my consumption affects the environment. But to be honest I have only ever been green in a fairly uninformed and fair weather way. I patted myself on the back for eating free range chicken and pork, but I wouldn’t actually make sure that when eating out the restaurant I was at served free range meat before scoffing down a chicken burger.

Then when David and I were in New York I stumbled across a book called The Ethical Butcher by Berlin Reed. I completely forgot about it until David bought me a copy a couple of weeks ago. I devoured it in a day (which considering I am the world’s slowest reader is impressive). It was a really interesting read, I didn’t always like or agree with everything Reed said, but it was provoking enough to make me rethink the whole way I go about buying and consuming things. Basically it’s a book all about being more thoughtful about your eating, finding out exactly what you are eating, where it comes from, who was involved in the production process and so on. So following his lead I decided to try to be as informed as possible about not just the food that I eat, but any product I buy. Anyway – how is this relevant to the blog? Well, what I am planning to do is make my blog more green (I know I’m like so behind the times). I want to do this by recycling/upcycling more things, and where I do buy stuff I will do my best to find out the history behind the item and post a little bit of information about this at the end of the blog post. And this is also where I put my disclaimer – I basically don’t know what I am doing. There is a lot of information out there, sometimes very helpful, sometimes it is completely useless and misleading. So if I get something wrong (although I will really try to avoid this) – please tell me (nicely)!

So here’s to a green and puggy new start to Delicious and Michelle.DSC_1011