Spring: Spring shoe hack

DSC_0918The changing of the seasons are always an excuse for new clothes. And eeeek – there are so many beautiful clothes out there this season. So while scoping out what I plan to buy I have been scouring magazines. And one of the things I can’t get over are some of the prices. Case in point – the slip on sneakers in the photo above. Apparently slip on skate shoes are pretty big this season. Great – because aren’t these shoes super comfy and most of all cheap? Um no – try £250! Are they kidding? Nope – they are very very serious. Fortunately these shoes are very very hackable.

You will need:

1 Pair of shoes – you can buy plain white ones for really reasonable prices – mine cost £8 – have a look online;

2. Masking tape;

3. Fabric paint – I already had black and white fabric paint. For the colours I mixed ordinary acrylic paint with the white fabric paint. My understanding is that fabric paint is basically acrylic paint with a fixative. So, adding a small bit of acrylic paint to the white fabric paint should be work fine. This will help keep costs down as ordinary acrylic paint tends to be cheaper than fabric paint.

4. Paint brush.


How to:

Basically all you do is use the masking tape to block off the areas you don’t want to paint. The tape helps you to paint nice straight lines and stops the colours bleeding into one another.

DSC_0921  DSC_0928Once you have painted your first lot of stripes, wait for the paint to dry and then repeat. If you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world since you can just paint over it again.

And there you have it – Mother of Pearl slip on skate shoe hack for about £12.