Spring: Paint it black

DSC_0941It was officially warm today. Warm as in I only had on a light jumper, and really, if I wanted to, I could have made do with just a t-shirt. After polar-vortex-freeze-my-nonexistent-nuts-off-America and it’s-so-soggy-even-my-mould-is-growing-mould-London, this weather has made me pretty happy. And I never thought I would be one of those people who went on about weather – I mean really it’s like I have prematurely aged about 30 years. So what do prematurely aging 30 year olds do when it’s spring? Well I cleaned (sort of), and I changed stuff up. And by changing stuff – I painted it black.

So we have this wall in our lounge which I have previously posted a photo of – our Polaroid wall. While I really liked the concept, I just felt that the Polaroids were getting a bit lost on the white wall. I thought the Polaroids would show up really nicely against a dark background. The only issue I had was what to do with the black world decal? Well turns out decals make awesome stencils! I just painted over it, peeled it off and voila. Below are the before and after shots:



Then I bought some pretty spring flowers, stuck them on the bench – and hello black spring!