Preparation: 5 homemade gifts: 1 modern cameo brooch

DSC_0482 Well yes, it is a very modern take on a cameo brooch. A colourful cameo brooch. It’s not as posh, but it’s way more fun than the traditional thing.

What you will need (cost approx £3):

– A wooden brooch setting – got mine here

– old wrapping paper/ photo/ drawing

– paint

– black pen

– diamond glaze

– brooch pin

– glue

How to do it:


1. Paint the background of your brooch. Choose a colour that compliments the image you have chosen.

2. Cut out your image and stick it onto the brooch. PVA glue will be fine for this.

3. If you want to draw on the background, do this now with pen. Remember though that the pen may smudge slightly.

4. Mix the diamond glaze according to packet instructions. Pour a thin layer onto the brooch and leave to dry. The brooch setting that I used had a rim, which made using diamond glaze much easier as I could swirl the glaze around the brooch to get nice even coverage without bubbles. Leave to dry.

5. Once the glaze is dry, glue the brooch pin to the back.