Preparation: 5 homemade gifts: 1 posh brooch


I heart Made in Chelsea. It was until now, my little secret obsession. The show is completely ridiculous, everything about it is ridiculous, the staged conversations, the awkward personalities, but most of all the ridiculously posh accents. I love it. So this brooch is a tribute to the show, and to what I consider to be the catchphrase of the show – “OK, yah”. This craft is so simple. You should make one too. Ok, yah.


You will need:

– a wooden speech bubble – I got mine here

– a brooch pin – you can buy these inexpensively form craft stores like Hobbycraft or Spotlight

– a pencil

– black paint/ black ball point pen

– teeny, tiny bit of paint in colours of your choosing

– diamond glaze (optional)


1. So either write your message in pencil. Or if you want to use some text as a template, I suggest positioning this over your brooch, and then using a pin to lightly prick indentations into the wood to make out the outline of the letters.

2. Draw (with the ball point pen) or paint over the text. Note if you are going to use diamond glaze at the end, the pen ink can smudge slightly if you swirl the diamond glaze over the ink for too long, so just be aware of this and if you are concerned use paint (but it is tricky to paint text neatly, so I opted for pen!)

3. I then decided to do a zig-zag design around the outside and paint some of the triangles (see photo)

4. If you now want to seal the brooch with diamond glaze, mix up a very small amount following the package directions. Pour a very thin layer over the brooch and leave it to dry. If you have used pen, try not to avoid moving the diamond glaze too much over the areas where the ink is to avoid smudging.

5. Once dry, glue the brooch pin to the back of the brooch. Done!