Preparation: 5 homemade gifts: 1 iphone case


I think this is an awesome gift. It’s fun to make, it’s functional and you’re not going to find one on the high street. Say hello to the melted crayon iphone case.

You will need (approximate cost £6):


– 1 plain plastic iphone case. I bought mine as an add-on on Amazon for £1.20. Most mobile phone stores have a range of relatively inexpensive plain cases.

– crayons

– tin foil

– muffin case

– diamond glaze – this is a resin that you pour over the top to waterproof the outside of the case. UK, USA, Europe you can buy this on Amazon. New Zealanders try here Takapuna Art Supply Store. I know it seems really expensive – but you don’t use very much. And I am going to use it in a couple more projects this week.

How to:

1. Cover your work surface with newspaper.

2. Melt your crayons. For dark coloured crayons you can just melt the end of a crayon in the flame of a candle and flick the wax over the phone case. For the lighter coloured crayons, melting the wax this way will discolour it. So opt for the oven method. Line the holes of a muffin case with foil. Heat the oven to 130 degrees. Break up the crayons and leave in the oven until melted. It doesn’t take long – about ten minutes. But this depends on how much wax you are melting.

3. Take a wooden stick or a plastic knife or spoon, dip it in the wax. Working quickly, hold the stick above the case and gently flick it so that the wax drips over the case. Try not to use too much wax, and try to avoid dropping big lumps of wax on the case – because it is then very difficult to get a smooth surface with resin.


4. Mix the resin according to package instructions. Pour a thin layer over the wax. Spread the resin evenly by smoothing it out with a piece of stiff card. Leave this to dry. While it is drying wipe off any resin that drips down the side of the case with an ear bud or piece of card. Once the resin has dried you may need to pour another layer of resin to cover all the wax.