Preparation Part 2 – Treasury

Since I am not entitled to properly introduce Christmas to this household just yet, I have to continue to avoid a theme with Christmas in the title. I can only apologise for the Scrooge living in the cottage with me. Despite the slightly misleading title, the reality however is that all this week is about, is further preparation for Christmas. There is good reason for this (or at least a valid excuse to put to Scrooge to indulge my Christmasness) – most of my family live in NZ, so if I have to get gifts to them on time, I have to get cracking. This week you can look forward to some awesome homemade gifts people will hopefully want to receive, and a few Christmas themed meals. Boom pow.

For now, here are some Christmas wrapping ideas (click on the description at the bottom of the images for a link to the site where you can buy the items):

1. Escher wrapping 2. Confetti ribbon 3. Lumberjack wrapping paper 4. Reindeer tags 5. Fairisle wrapping 6. Sled gift tag 7. Snoopy wrapping  8. Sparkly twine 9. Washi tape pegs