Preparation: New houses, bare walls

One of my really good friends may possibly be building a house. I have seen the plans. The place looks amazing. It’s spacious and beautifully laid out, and the whole house centers around a massive deck. Fabulous. But, should this exciting adventure go ahead, my friend will be poor (but pronounced poh). Like seriously poh. And this means that when it comes to decorating, well there won’t be money for much. But no one wants bare walls and an empty house… so what to do…? Well here are three easy and relatively cheap ways to fill up your walls in an awesome way. Start preparing now, and by the time you move in – your house is sorted.

1. Framed tea towels


So I have been given a load of beautiful printed tea towels. And until we moved into our cottage, I didn’t really know what to do with them. I thought they were too pretty to use, but at the same time I couldn’t really afford to have them framed. Faced with bare walls in the kitchen I came up with an idea. What you will need are old frames. I bought 10 on Portobello road for £5 (and let’s face it – Portobello Road isn’t exactly cheap). I bought a whole load of different ones, some ornate gold ones and some plain wooden ones. The more beaten up and weathered they are, the better. You may need to trim you tea towels to fit in the frame. All you then need to do is get some twine and a big, fat sewing needle. Thread the twine through the corners of your tea towel and tie the twine to your frame. Done. That is it.

2. Filling awkward spaces – with stuffs


We have a fireplace in our kitchen. Sadly it is not a working fire place. And it just created this very awkward space in the kitchen. Until I decided to use it as the space to store my cookbooks. I bought a couple of vintage wooden crates (about £10 each) and used this as a bookshelf. I then filled the weird little spaces between the crates with ornaments that I didn’t have a place for elsewhere in the house. Again – oh so easy.

3. Show your photos!


How many of us take loads and loads of photos but never actually develop them? And if we have developed them, we never actually display them, because really – who can afford all those frames. And once you’re past 18, you don’t want to blu-tack them to the wall – right? WRONG! So I lusted after a Polaroid, finally got one for my last birthday and then wasn’t quite sure about what to with all my pictures. Cue – the world decal Polaroid wall. The intention is to cover the wall with pictures we have taken all over the world, linking the photo to the place it was taken (you will note that currently all our photos were taken in the UK – there are plans to remedy this. It is one of those things that is constantly being added to). I have also put old school dymo lables on some of the photos (as an aide memoire – but again entirely up to you. If you are using Polaroids, you can get special Polaroid pens which allow you to write on the photo. Otherwise just use a permanent marker!)

OK, so you don’t need a Polaroid for this (because frankly Polaroid film is prohibitively expensive). What I would recommend is editing your photos in Instagram. There are now places online (like Photobox) that develop Instagram photos in the square Polaroid format. OR- if you have a printer, edit them and print them out at home.

All you then need to do is get a world decal. There are like a bajillion of these available on Etsy, in various sizes and for a range of prices. And bam – pin away!

I have some more ideas which I will post over the coming weeks. I also intend to finally tidy up and decorate our bedroom. I have some ideas I’m pretty excited about which I will also share with you.