Hunkering Down: 1 wreath, 2 (non festive) ideas

So cold weather and the consequent hunkering down, to me, screams Christmas. It is perhaps important to point out here that I am a Christmas fanatic. But, I live with a Scrooge. It is a problem. And as it’s “only November and no Christmas items may be displayed in the house until 1 December”, I have had to disguise festive things in non festive clothes. Thus I present you with 1 twiggy wreath – 2 (non festive*) ideas.


1. Twiggy wreath with red berry things and pretty leaves

You will need:

– 1 twiggy wreath – I bought mine from Hoobycraft. I imagine you could also get them from shops like Spotlight or the Warehouse… or you could make your own. I know that willow is a really good kind of bendy wood for things like this.

– Berries and leaves – note you don’t need very much of either. I chose really non festive colours of red and green. I am told that the berries and leaves I have used will last a couple of weeks, this is something to bear in mnd when choosing your plants. Whilst cut flowers can look amazing, they will wilt very quickly.

I started by randomly threading pieces of the leaves into my wreath. Once I was happy with this, I wrapped some twine around the leaves to hold them in place. I then threaded the stem of the berries through the wreath. Voila! Done. This is so super easy and quick and looks lovely.


2. Twiggy wreath with coloured embroidery thread

You will need:

– 1 twiggy wreath (see above)

– embroidery thread in a few different colours


So this is ridiculously easy. Wrap the thread around the sections of the wreath. Secure the ends of each piece of thread with a small dab of PVA glue. Repeat.

I love this wreath because it is a little bit different, it is so easy to make and looks so effective. I think either of these wreaths could also make a brilliant centre piece for a table setting. Put a few candles in the middle of your wreath and voila all done. Martha Stewart would be proud.