Doughnuts: Delicious Cushions


Ok so I have always had this thing for furniture that looks like food (after the Kabbage Kreme post I’m sure you all already think I’m nuts – so I thought I would just lay it all out). I have always wanted one of those hamburger phones. And then the other day I saw these bean bags that look like giant bags of gummy sweets. I just thought that was the most amazing idea ever. So then I thought about how perfect it would be to do a doughnut themed cushion… until I remembered how there are special cushions out there that are doughnut shaped- and well I think you have to have, let’s just say, certain kinds of medical conditions if you are going to use these. Bad correlation. Safer then to stick to a normal cushion and adorn it with patterns of doughnuts. Genius? Why thank you.

OK so due to the great doughnut camera debacle – which you can read about here, I have no proper photos of the actual process – but hopefully the compromise is good enough. If you do have any questions then please leave me a comment.


– Cushion cover – washed and ironed

– Fabric paint – you need a colour that contrasts with the colour of your cushion

– paint brush

– Two empty jars/bottles. You need a jar with a wide opening – like a pasta or sauce jar and a bottle with a small opening like a vinegar bottle (or any other similar sized circular objects that can be used as stamps)

– Fabric

– Bugle or seed beads

– fabric glue (optional)

– scissors

– needle and thread

1. Lay your cushion cover out on your work surface. Place a wad of newspapers inside the cushion. This will stop any paint seeping through onto the back side of the cushion and will help your stamp to come out more evenly and clearly.

2. Take the jar with the wide opening and paint the rim of the jar with fabric paint. Don’t use too much paint. Stamp the painted rim onto your fabric to make the outline of the doughnut. Repeat this process until you have covered your cushion.

3. Take the small bottle and paint the rim. Stamp the small bottle in the middle of the large circles to make the doughnut hole.


4. If you want, you can paint the icing onto some of the doughnuts (see my photo).

5. Leave the cushion to dry. Once dry, iron the fabric to set the paint (refer to the instructions on the paint bottle).

4. Using your colourful fabric, place the good side of the fabric face down. Stamp the wrong side of the fabric as you have done for the cushion cover. You are doing this so you have an outline for where to cut out the icing for your doughnut. Once you have done this then cut out the “icing” in the same way I have done in the photos.

5. Glue the fabric icing onto the doughnuts. You can then sew around the outside of the fabric if you want. I didn’t have time, but I think this would be a nice touch. But if you would rather skip this step (because sewing can be really tedious!) then feel free to do so as the fabric glue should adhere the fabric perfectly well)

6. Sew the beads onto the doughnuts to make sprinkles.

7. Display your awesome creation.