The Departed: Day of the Dead Scarf


Day of the Dead themed craft and design has been pretty big for a while. And I’m not objecting because I think the images and colours are just fantastic. A lot of the high street stores have been using the skull image on clothing and accessories. I found that a lot of these items are quite expensive and I thought – “If I can put this design on a cookie, I sure as hell can put it on a piece of clothing”. So was born the Day of the Dead scarf.

This is an easy craft. All you are basically doing is tracing. But it is time consuming because the designs are often very intricate, so set aside a bit of time for this one. While I was finishing the scarf I did the work on my lap in front of the TV, but you may find it easier to be set up at a table to start with.

You will need:

– a scarf or an item of clothing you want to transfer the design on to. Lighter coloured fabrics are better. I would also recommend something with a close knit weave (it makes it easier to draw on). For your first attempt I’d recommend a scarf because mistakes are not obvious – it’s a different story if you are tracing a design onto a t-shirt.

– a fabric paint pen (buy here) – although to be honest a permanent marker would probably do the job just as well. The only difference (I suspect) is that the fabric paint will wash better than the marker. But if you are drawing on a scarf – I doubt you will wash this as often as other items of clothing, so it should be fine. Remember to get the finest nib possible.

– a design to trace over.

– masking tape (optional)

1. Decide where on your item you want to put the design. I wanted mine along the bottom edges of my scarf.

2. Tape the fabric to a table so that it is stretched fairly tightly.

3. Slide the template under the fabric and position.

4. Start tracing over the image. The fabric will slip a bit, but it’s not the end of the world. I found it easiest to pull the part of the fabric I was drawing on taught with my free hand. Take it slowly at first, you will however quickly get the gist of it. I made a lot of mistakes on mine – but you can’t really tell on the finished product.

5. Repeat until finished! Check the instructions on your pen, for the paint pens you will probably need to iron the design to set the paint.