Taking Flight Craft: Personalised Vintage Plates


Confession time. I have a little crockery fetish. Actually a massive crockery fetish. Crockery sends my heart a flutter.  And this is not good when there is so much beautiful crockery out there. Consequently we now have two full sets of dinner plates, random mismatched tea sets and a whole lot of plates mounted on our kitchen wall.

While Anthropologie is currently my most favourite store to buy anything home related, but particularly crockery… my budget does not allow frequent visits. So I did a bit of research on Pinterest and Etsy to get ideas for how to decorate plates to add to my collection on the kitchen wall. I came across two really great techniques to decorate vintage plates. The first technique involves baking or firing transfers onto plates. The set below, which I bought for my Taking Flight meal (which can be found here), is an example of this technique (to buy see – here).


While I completely love these plates, firing transfers onto plates is not really something that can be done at home. However, there is another fantabulous idea that some crafters are using that is completely doable at home. Cue – porcelain marker pens. These pens can be bought relatively inexpensively (about £2.50) from any craft store. All you need to do is draw on the item, leave it to dry for three days – and bam it is dishwasher proof! So in the spirit of my theme, I decided to trace a bird design onto a vintage tea plate I had bought on eBay (for about £1).


Plate – or any ceramic or tile that you want to use. For your first go I would recommend using something like a tile or plate that is flat.

Carbon paper

Your deisgn



Porcelain marker pen – I bought a calligraphy porcelain pen because the flat tip can be used to draw very fine and very thick lines.


1. Tape the your design and carbon paper onto your plate.

2. Trace over the design. This will leave a feint carbon print on the plate.

3. Carefully draw over the image on your plate with the porcelain pen. Leave to dry.

Easy huh! And the possibilities are just endless. What about a plate with “om nom nom” written all over it, or a set of plates with a trail of ants walking round the edges…..