Taking Flight – Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog and to my very first post. This blog is something that I have been mulling over and sporadically working on for the last six months. The blog finally took shape a few months ago and I am enormously excited about it. The reason it took me so long to finally get this blog off the ground is that I was struggling to decide on a focus. I love cooking and baking and preserving, but I also love random crafts, illustration, photography and home interiors… I couldn’t let one go – I wanted it all. Well I am never one to deprive myself and I decided to do it all. So what this has evolved into is a blog about all things delicious and crafty, centered around the home. It’s a blog about cooking and baking things that I want to stuff my face with. It’s also a blog about crafting things for the home that make it beautiful and comfortable, but also quirky and fun. And finally it’s a blog about things that I just like, that I think are cool and that I hope you will too.

So to this end I have formulated a bit of a plan for how this is all going to work and what you can expect to see. Each week I am going to pick a theme. Each week I will post a recipe and a craft related to that theme and then a post about something amazing, be it an illustration or an Etsy shop. Once a month I will also interview someone about childhood food memories.  At this point I could say something vomit inducing like: “This is a creative process and like all creative processes it is fluid and responsive to the inspirations around me”. But actually what I would mean is:  “If something is working, then I’ll stick with it, if not I will change it.” For this reason I would love to read your comments and get any feedback you may have.

Right- now, let’s get this thing off the ground.